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Why Solar Ray USA

Can not compare Solar Ray USA as we are one of the kind. Assembled by solar installers and solar consultants our philosophy is a fair solar industry.

Where is Solar Ray USA

Solar Ray USA is serving home and business owners in the entire Midwest. From Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and more is coming.

Solar Ray USA News

Renewable energy industry ins and outs, from solar panels technology to solar battery backup systems, racking systems, solar power technology on daily basis.

Solar Ray USA Academy

Solar power system education, we provide as much as educational information about the solar panels system as we do to our solar power consultants.

Cost of Solar

With years of solar panels, technology improvement pricing is falling down dramatically. Solar panels have reached the lowest price point in decades.

Solar Power Services

Solar Ray USA offers many programs catering to all homeowners. Your sure to find what you’re looking for planing going solar.

Solar Battery Systems

Going solar and installing solar battery back up system goes hand in hand. Storing your own renewable energy and using it when you need it.

Future of Renewables

We’re communicating with solar power installers all over the world to exchange knowledge, experience, and date to possibly predict the future of the industry.