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In 1836, the city of Yorkville was settled by early pioneers. Cars, buses, and trucks have replaced horses, buggies, and carts along the city’s main thoroughfare—Bridge Street (Illinois Route 47). Originally, Bridge Street was designed for horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians. As time passed, Hydraulic Street, which runs parallel to the Fox River, boasted a trolley that ran from Ottawa to Aurora connecting Yorkville to Chicago and around the nation.

Yorkville is a city in Kendall County, Illinois, United States. The population was 6,189 at the 2000 United States Census and had grown to 16,921 as of the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Kendall County.

County poised to save at least $4M in energy costs over 25 years

Kendall County government is going solar.

The County Board unanimously approved a number of measures at its meeting Tuesday, March 6, that will locate a series of solar panels – called a solar field – on a 7.4-acre parcel just west of the Public Safety Center in Yorkville. 

Board members approved the installation of the solar field by Chicago-based GRNE Solar, along with a 25-year power purchase agreement and companion land lease agreement with GRNE to construct the two-megawatt solar field and sell the power to the county for a rate not to exceed .0285 cents per kilowatt hour in the first year with a 0.9 percent increase per year after that.

County Administrator Scott Koeppel said the power generated from the solar field will be used to power the Public Safety Center, courthouse and Health and Human Services building.

“Then we can buy the power from GRNE at a lower rate than we would buy from ComEd, and that’s where the savings comes for the county,” Koeppel said. “And obviously green energy is a good thing.”

Chris Childress of Progressive Energy Group told board members the county could see savings of at least $162,000 in energy costs annually through the life of the agreement, totaling about $4 million.

Board member John Purcell asked Childress what happens at the end of the 25-year period.

Childress said the county could buy the solar field, extend the lease with GRNE or have the field removed at GRNE’s expense.

Childress said the next step is to go through the building permit process with the city of Yorkville. GRNE will apply for a grant from the Illinois Power Authority, he said.

Childress said the county could expect the solar field to be installed and “energized” by the end of this year or early 2019, provided that GRNE receives the grant from the IPA.

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Solar Energy in Yorkville

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Solar Incentives Programs

Federal Government as well local State Governments are encouraging homeowners to go solar by offering solar incentives. Many utility companies also joined offering rebates, renewable energy credits (REC) program. Click here to learn more about Federal Tax Credit.

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) and the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) are in the process of implementing the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (LTRRPP). Under the LTRRPP, the state will hold procurements for utility-scale wind and solar and will secure distributed generation and community solar REC contracts through the LTRRPP Adjustable Block Program (ABP).

The ABP features capacity-based blocks set at predetermined prices for 15-year REC contracts. The program is open to new distributed generation solar and community solar projects meeting the ABP’s eligibility parameters. “New” means “energized on or after June 1, 2017” as defined in the Plan as filed with the ICC for approval. There are two types of “new” projects that are eligible for the ABP: (1) Photovoltaic distributed renewable energy generation devices (i.e., DG solar); and (2) Photovoltaic community renewable generation projects (i.e., community solar). DG solar must be interconnected, behind-the-meter, and less than or equal to 2,000 kW AC.

To learn about Solar Renewable Credits Click Here.

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Solar Energy System Simple Steps

Installing solar panels it is not a quick project – there’s a process for what needs to happen to get your panels ready to begin powering your home. Overall, from the day you sign your contract with Solar Ray USA, it will typically take between one and three months before your solar panels are grid-connected and producing energy for your home. Here is the five-step of solar panel installation: 1. Engineering site visit, 2. Permits and documents, 3. Ordering equipment, 4. Solar panel installation, 5. Approval and interconnection

Solar Energy Benefits

Going solar is beneficial to almost every homeowner, the return on investment is absolutely phenomenal and the best part is, if you really look at it the right way, solar panels system does not really cost homeowners a penny. It is paid for by incentives and savings itself.
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Interested In How Much You Could Save By Going Solar in Yorkville?