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Illinois Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits.

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Illinois Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits

Illinois has been doing a fairly admirable job of promoting and driving the adoption of solar power systems. In 2007, Senate Bill 0680 was passed which mandates that utilities must provide net-metering to all customers with home solar power systems up to 2 megawatts. Illinois has also committed to implementing renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), that would require it to reach the following targets: 10% renewables by 2015 and 25% by 2025; and an amendment made in July 2009, now requires a minimum of 6% of the state’s RPS must be met by solar starting in 2015.

The utility must provide the necessary metering equipment for systems up to 40 kW in capacity
Any net excess generation (NEG) during a billing period is carried over as a kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit to the following billing period. At the end of an annualized period, any remaining NEG credits in the customer’s account expire, so remember to size your system accordingly.
All net-metering customers retain ownership and title to all renewable-energy credits (RECs).
PACE Financing
Yes, Illinois has authorized municipalities to offer PACE financing. However, there are currently no known programs in operation.

Illinois Rebates and Incentives:

RPS Illinois

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

ComEd – Energy Efficiency Program for Residential

Interconnection Standards

Net Metering

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

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