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Georgiais investing $79 million to install solar on homes and businesses. Georgia has very strong solar potential. State law has made it illegal for Georgia residents to participate in power purchase agreements, a financing mechanism that has been crucial to the growth of the solar industry in other states.
Solar Installed: 1,477.6 MW (1,067.2 MW in 2016)1
National Ranking: 8th (3rd in 2016)
State Homes Powered by Solar: 167,000
Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 2
Solar Jobs and Ranking: 3,924 (16th in 2016)3
Solar Companies in State: 236 companies total; 48 Manufacturers, 98 Installers/Developers, 80 Others4
Total Solar Investment in State: $2,017.60 million ($1,243.16 million in 2016)
Price Declines: 64% over last 5 years
Growth Projections and Ranking: 2,256 MW over next 5 years (ranks 12th)


Butler Solar Project 103 was completed in 2016. This photovoltaic project has the capacity to generate 103 MW of electricity — enough to power over 11,656 Georgia homes.
Several large retailers in Georgia have gone solar including Anheuser-Busch, General Growth Properties and IKEA. IKEA has installed one of the largest such installations with 1 MW of solar capacity at their location in Port Wentworth.
At 20 MW, Butler Solar Farm 20 in Butler is among the largest solar installations in Georgia. Completed in 2015, this photovoltaic project has enough electric capacity to power more than 2,263 homes.

There are so many reasons that solar is becoming an energy option of choice for financially and environmentally savvy consumers and commercial enterprises. Other benefits to consider:

  • Reduced electric costs
  • Higher resale value for properties
  • Investment with guaranteed rate of return that increases as the cost of living goes up
  • Guilt free use of electricity for greater comfort, efficiency and convenience
  • Contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.


The Elba Island, Georgia, liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal can regasify up to 1.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day and has storage capacity for 11.5 billion cubic feet of LNG. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved additional facilities to export up to 350 million cubic feet per day of natural gas as LNG.
In February 2012, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the construction of two new nuclear reactors at the Vogtle nuclear power plant in Burke County, Georgia. The two reactors have startup dates in 2019 and 2020.
Georgia’s four existing nuclear reactor units accounted for 26% of the state’s net electricity generation in 2015, coal accounted for 29%, natural gas accounted for 39%, and renewable energy, including hydroelectric power, contributed 6%.
Georgia is heavily forested and has been a leading state in the production of wood products, which contribute feedstock for biomass electricity generation. In 2015, Georgia ranked third in the nation in net electricity generation from biomass.
In 2015, Georgia ranked 8th in the nation both in net electricity generation and in retail sales of electricity.

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