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What We Do

Bringing future of energy to your doorstep today!

Solar panels produce renewable clean energy while securing low utility rates. Our panels exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan.

We’re leading our world toward a clean energy future with revolutionary technology, full turnkey sales services, thousands of solar panel installations and an endless passion for all things sustainable.

We’ve structured, financed and developed clean energy projects across 28 states and over 7000 households, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Solar Power System

We offer the most complete solar power system solutions in the country from kitchen design.

Energy Efficiency

We offer energy efficiency package to lower solar system size, saving you even more money.

Battery Backup

We have solar power system battery backup banks available for those who wants power outage protection.

Company History

2009 Saying Hello to Solar Industry.

Our founder started working in the solar industry as a salesman, helping homeowners go solar in many states.

2011 Consulting for Startups

With a lot of experience and knowledge, we have started a consulting agency for startup solar companies.

2014 Solar Ray USA Was Born

While helping others on their venture into a solar industry, Solar Ray USA was born and started growing.

2014 First 500 Customers

Solar Ray USA has completed its startup year with over 500 completed solar power system installations.

Our Mission

If you love what you do, it is not a job!

Renewable energy is our passion, saving our planet is our commitment, saving your money is our job. Own your power with the $0 money down solar loan. Turn your electric bill into an investment, not just another monthly expense. There has never been a better time to go solar. With a $0 money down solar loan, you realize the maximum economic benefits of solar ownership, as well as a full-service offering, including performance and maintenance guarantees. The solar loan combines the benefits of a lease, i.e. no down payment, energy cost savings, hassle-free maintenance, and performance guarantees, with the financial upside from solar ownership.
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